Apologue #24: Wanderlust

After several days of hard work along with my horrible physical condition, I am yet again, back in bed. I can’t help but plop as soon as I get home from work because of how everything seems to shut down with my body. To start off, I don’t have the flu or any other bug that’s going around, oh no — I got back trouble. Mid to lower back to be exact. Don’t ask how because I don’t have any idea either. But to top it all off, the other day I was making myself porridge for my sickly self and then burned two of my fingers (first degree and swellings). Sad thing is, it wasn’t even the stove top that got me — it was the darn porridge itself as I was carrying it to the table. So, it kind of hurts to type but I’m getting at it slowly so bear with me.

Today, I got a paper cut at work on my other hand which got me upset because those things just hurt and they’re so teeny tiny. Not cool. Then I fell down leaving work because of sharp pains from said back problem and scraped my knee bloody open with also both my ankles scratched up that looks as if the Devil, himself, tried to come up and snatch me. It’s like a massacre.

But on happy thoughts, I was lying in bed for some time whilst daydreaming and got struck with wanderlust. For those who don’t know what wanderlust means, it is essentially a great desire to travel and rove about. Doesn’t that sound amazing? (And yes, we have a word for it!) I need some of that right about now. So I started thinking that I need a vacation and plan on taking some days off during December to have some fun and recharge myself. But where to go?

If it’s the wintertime, I would go to Prague in a heartbeat. It looks so beautiful and romantic covered in snow and dazzling with Christmas lights. It could be my own little Narnia. But on second thought, it would be better if I could go with someone to have a romantic getaway — so Prague is out. If it’s nationwide, I’m actually thinking about hitting up Orlando to spend my holiday over at Hogwarts. It sounds pretty amazing (just remind me to take a limited amount of money so I don’t blow all my loot on Harry Potter goods!)

Maybe I should do the typical American thing and go to NYC and spend a wintery wonderland of ice skating at the park with giant Christmas trees at the Rockefeller Center with crazy shopping sprees down at the District. But I spent a great deal of my childhood in New York so it’s not such a big deal.

I’m inspired to go anywhere but I want to go everywhere. I love to travel and I don’t get to do it often so this would be a great treat for me. So here’s my question, where should I go? Where would you like to go? I may not be able to actually escape into my fantasy but dreaming it is already halfway there.