Life Quote #1: “Be Who You Are”

I want to stress this out so much to the general public. It’s surprising how society has crushed so many people, young and old, to not be able to speak their mind because of too many people judging one another. It’s truly sickening to not be comfortable in your own skin because of what someone may think of you. If for any reason you feel you’ll be judged and ridiculed by something you say to the people who you thought were your friends, then they are not your real friends. It’s simple as that. It may seem easier said than done but it’s a huge reality check that we’re all afraid of encountering.  But in the end, at least you were yourself and not who you pretended to be in front of the same, exact people you call as “your friends.”

The reason I’m posting this today is because I feel too many of us wear masks in front of each other when we are in groups. I get it, you’re not as comfortable as when you’re with just two people or your close friends compared to a solid group of six or seven. I wear a mask too, the mask of silence and tend to not join in on conversation much but observe people. Which is why I discovered (and for a long period of time I have known about this) that too many people hide their real personas, and it’s usually the really cool and awesome side that’s unique and one-of-a-kind, but get too afraid that someone might judge them of their quirkiness. What’s so wrong about being different? Last that I checked, it was awesome to be unique and new. As we grow older do we subconsciously turn to social conformity to be more accepted in our communities? Am I the only one that missed this new social construct of being an adult? Because I don’t like it at all.

I feel that the more I keep my true sides inside of me, the more I’ll be swallowed up by a community of cookie cutters and I fear that one day I’ll be just like them. I was taught to be independent and to be strong-willed and be who I want to be. I was taught to speak my mind and not be afraid to do it as I’m proclaiming what I believe is right.

It’s the same with friendships and relationships. How is anyone supposed to know the real you if you keep hiding it in fear that the other person might judge you and not like you? If they judge you, move on and find better friends. If they don’t, they’re keepers. You don’t need friends or relationships that drag you down just because you were being yourself. You’re too awesome to let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Be yourself. Speak your mind. Love and respect yourself, and I can guarantee you, that you will find others who believe the same. 

Victor’s Piano Solo

“Victor’s Piano Solo” – Victor Van Dort [Corpse Bride, 2005]

I love the encounter of love through music. You think you’re all alone and so you just play whatever comes to your fingers because you’re not there to impress anyone or boast what you can do. You play what is most comfortable and entertaining for yourself. At times like these, you are most yourself while still in the form of a musician. You can play the scales or just play random keys, but the music you create in that moment, is truly you.

But then, someone hears this part of you that they don’t get to hear often. They become entranced in your music. And for a rare moment, they don’t see just you as a musician and your ability; they see the part of you that is real through your music. Nothing fake for entertainment or a disguise to amuse. But your very thought, your every glance at the keys you play, your inner beauty of what you can do. And they’ll never be able to forget that brief moment of passion and peace in your eyes again.