Unspoken Heart

What do you do when you’re the matchmaker and you fall in love with the person you’re supposed to be helping for the set-up? Here’s a corny yet cute video sharing one matchmaker’s love story. Along with the lyrics that create the perfect mood for the film is the song, “Unspoken Heart” sung by Status Single. Having a hard time spitting it out? Check this out and see if it helps, enjoy! 😀

Rockelbel’s Canon

I’m all about keeping the traditions alive, but c’mon, think about it. It’s the greatest celebration and the happiest event of your life!! I don’t think I would mind a little bit of a twist to get the party going for my guests and make something truly memorable. Rock on and enjoy Rockelbel’s Canon based off of Pachelbel’s Canon in D by ThePianoGuys! 😀

Apologue #41: How to Get a Boyfriend

As enticing the title may seem, it DID get my attention whilst roaming around the internet. Should I try it out too? I should find this ingenious cafe in Korea and commend whoever wrote this on their board, and buy them a cup of coffee. 🙂

<How to Get a Boyfriend>

1. Order a cup of our coffee (cafe) to-go.

2. Give the coffee to the man you’re interested in and say,
If the coffee tastes good, we date; if not, bug off.”

3. The coffee at our cafe is the best.
We guarantee you two will end up dating.

4. If, by chance, you get rejected, then come back.
We will give you a cup of fresh hot coffee that you can pour onto his face.

Apologue #40: That One Time I Got Proposed

This one used to be a painful memory but is now considered a funny memory and a tale all my best friends enjoy hearing. Mind you, I’m not one of those people that go parading around town that I’ve been engaged once before but had to call off the wedding. It’s definitely something that is embarrassing, painful, and downright my business that you don’t have to criticize about. But let’s make it something that could “happen” to any of us gals.

My proposal was far from romantic but hardcore memorable. I will never be able to forget it. To this day, I still wonder why I said yes even though I ended up calling it off. I guess love really does make you blind.

I was about nineteen years old, give or take and was finishing up my freshman year in college. At the time, my boyfriend was in the military and constantly on leave. In the three and a half years that I have dated him, we’ve spent more time apart than we were actually together. Most of our relationship amounts up to instant messaging conversations at odd hours trying to catch each other (when he was stationed both in Iraq and Afghanistan) or e-mail each other as if they were like love letters. Skype hadn’t been invented yet and being able to catch him by phone was out of the question. Our relationship was built on a foundation of trust and respect for one another to have lasted so long.

But I can’t help but be honest that since we’ve had such a distance physically, there are of course, many times where we had awkward moments. This proposal was definitely one of them.

It was the third day since he got back from Iraq and he insisted that he wanted to cook me a nice dinner himself. I could tell he was trying to be romantic but I had no idea what he was planning. Long story short, there were flowers and candles everywhere and he got down on one knee and proposed the classic way I would have liked, like from any movie from the fifties.

The funny thing was the ring. Ladies, I’m not picky when it comes to the ring. Honestly, I hear about those 4 important “C’s” when it comes to picking out your ring and I don’t even know what they are. I’m not even embarrassed to admit it. But you know how people say you “know” when you see the right ring? Boy, ain’t that the truth.

When I saw the ring he got, I was literally speechless. The diamond was hefty. That wasn’t the problem. He personally designed it and had it custom made the way he wanted it (didn’t even know you could that), and it was painfully horrendous. Of course, I didn’t say anything to him directly, but it was definitely a ring I wouldn’t wear in public. Gentleman, as lovely and sincere, of the idea of you personalizing our ring to make it the only ring in the world is romantic, but unless you’re a designer, let’s leave it with the jewelers. I’m not trying to be mean, but really, this is the ring we’ll be wearing on our finger the rest of our lives till we die. It doesn’t have to be a rock, it doesn’t have to be an ice rink where my friends and I can go ice skating in. Let’s keep it normal.

But as fate would put it, the Heavens were on my side that night. The ring, didn’t properly fit. It was a size too small. I had no idea what size my ring finger was, so how could he? He did get awfully close though. When I asked how he did it, this will be the part I am contemplating whether to tell my kids and grand-kids in the future about.

He knew I had chubby fingers and I used to complain to him about it often. So he knew a typical 5 or 6 would just not do, but was still very lost when looking at so many sizes at the jewelers. He had to make a wild guess but didn’t know how to do it. He confessed that the day before the purchase he was at the grocery store and was in the hot dog isle and placed his bet that maybe, JUST MAYBE, this might work.


I screamed with laughter so hard I couldn’t breathe right for four days. To make me feel better, he did say that he ended up going with the skinny hot dogs that fit the length of the whole bun compared to the regular ball park hot dogs. But nonetheless, I will forever be the girl that got proposed with a ring that fits on a hot dog. I’m glad the ring didn’t fit because of the skinny dogs he chose to go with but can you imagine the horror and the endless stories if he chose the ball parks and that ring did fit??

This is exactly why I should never get married. 😀

Mistletoe Kissing Prank

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I’ve busily been making holiday cards to send out (yes! I’m trying something new by making my own and being elvishly crafty this year!) and late Christmas shopping. Did I mention I’m part Christmas elf? Today’s short clip of the day is a cute Christmasy prank I found on YouTube. I’ve personally never had a chance to see or be near any mistletoe traditions but would love to have some to try out in future holiday parties. Enjoy for some cute Christmas smiles! 😀

Gender Differences

I first saw this humorous gender stereotype clip in my college sociology class. It was one of those moments where you know it’s true but you can’t help but laugh at it in agreement. Some may go overboard with the layout when it comes to targeting our gender differences but it’s not about that at all, it’s just the generality of the kind of character one may possess. I certainly don’t have many similarities to these said differences like the clip, but there are some where I can wholeheartedly agree to and that’s the fun of it all. Take a short break and enjoy the short film!

Brain Divided

I recently found this humorous animated short and have come to love it and laugh at it countless amount of times. It’s like an adult version of a Pixar short and you can’t miss it, it’s just that darn good. As the title announces, it’s “Brain Divided” and literally, how there are two halves of us when it comes to trying to make a great impression on a first date. No time for spoilers, check it out and enjoy!

Apologue #15: Fester Chester

Oh lord, we are all Fester.

Before asking someone out we all get anxiety attacks and start panicking to know if what we’re doing is the right thing at the right time, and this part with Fester couldn’t have summed up my feelings any better. I’ve had the gutsy-ness to ask a nice gentleman out once last year. We have been flirting back and forth for months but he would never officially ask me out due to whatever unknown fears or problems he had and so I did, for him. It was funny because we were already having a small coffee date together and just enjoying each other’s company and I don’t know what came over me. It could have been the caffeine or maybe the fact that my patience was running dry, I literally just spat it out with confidence that I have no idea where it came from and said (I kid you not), “You should go out on a date with me some time. I guarantee you that you won’t regret it.” and flashed him a silly smile awaiting his response. Guarantee? Where did that come from? Oh my goodness . . .

I know his answer wasn’t delayed for too long but after his small laughter from spitting out his coffee from the sudden shock and actually responding back, those small seconds until I got the okay felt like hours. After I asked him out my mind was out of control and I was sitting there smiling with a smile that felt like it’s been screwed on by a bolt, and I’m screaming on the inside – yelling at myself – “What the hell was that and where did it come from? Oh my goodness, I’m not this kind of woman, what is he going to think of me? This is so embarrassing, should I laugh and say it was a joke?” I’m telling you, I wasn’t even thinking about whether he would say yes or no, but dreading how everything will unfold and if we could even be on talking premises after this awkward situation. I could already feel my heart-rate elevating as my chest was heaving heavy intakes of breath and I could feel my cheeks flushing to the color of ripe tomatoes from the heat I was already feeling.

I was fortunate enough though, that the man was indeed interested in me at the least, and so gave me a thumbs up and we were planning out our first real date. But even during our date I was so nervous. I felt so empowered and devilish when I literally spit out that he wasn’t going to regret going out with me (I don’t even know where that bit came from!) that I was even more cautious and trying hard to be excitable so it would feel that his time with me was worthwhile.

If I was providing him with the good time that I promised with him of not regretting this time we are sharing together in order to develop closer feelings to one another, that is always the best case scenario. But what if I’m trying and he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with me and so it really does turn out to be a wasteful date but also a sour one to joke about to his other male friends? I was letting this one date get too out of hand in determining his happiness and satisfaction of what he’ll gain through me. And that’s not what dates are about.

Little to my surprise, as nervous of a wreck I may have looked, Liam was the perfect gentleman that planned out everything for our evening together. I may have scored the first hard goal by asking him out but he made sure to play hard to make up for not asking me out sooner and took the game-play back to his side of the court. But nonetheless, I was nervous throughout.

So, it’s not an embarrassment to feel like Fester when it comes to asking someone out. The fear of the person saying no versus the bigger fear of the person saying yes is all good fun when you look back on it. It’s not just you, your date will probably be having this exact same Fester Chester attacks as well. So never forget, that we all have a little Fester inside of us and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Apologue #13: Sexy Pudding




I have got to say that this is by far the most interesting and sexiest pudding I have seen yet! Bachelor friends, if you ever let me host or ask me for help on your food menu, I’ve got your back because this is perfection for any ensemble at a bachelor party. Check out the link below to see the video the creator has made to show you the whole process of the idea 😀