The Most Beautiful Thing


The best and most beautiful things in the world

cannot be seen, heard, or even touched,

they must be felt with the heart.

— Helen Keller

5 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Thing

  1. Reblogged this on Because Life Happens and commented:
    Because I am at a place where even the sceptic in me is beginning to change her mind. Think I can understand the quote. It’s starting to seem like against all logic, it’s possible that maybe just maybe that what that can be felt can trump things that can be seen, heard or touch. The problem though with things that are only felt, in other words intangible, is that they are subjective. Might not be enough for just one person to feel the way they feel without getting anything to return. If you think I am going off track, you may be right, maybe I am losing it. But I know what I feel, just not sure about the rest.

    • I’m there with you on that one too, buddy. There are many beautiful things in life that can wound our hearts. But as wounds are meant to be healed, our hearts can’t love without the risk of pain. It’s okay. 🙂

      xx love

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