Apologue #38: False Hope

When a person has feelings for you, the best and obvious thing that you can do in return is to have feelings for them too. But if for some reason you cannot, then the next best thing you can do for them is to be strict about letting them know you can’t return the favor. It may sound harsh, but to let them know as soon as possible, that you can’t see them being in a relationship with you and telling them that there is no hope, should be clearly recognized and your responsibility for letting them know that.

The reason being, is that if you are not clear with them, they will always keep that small amount of hope somewhere in the back of their heart and mind, and will continually wait for you and not be able to move on and find someone else that can cherish them and love them the way they do for you now. However, people instinctively want and desire love from as many people they can receive from thus even if they can’t receive love from certain people, we keep hoping that that can change and we can accept love from everyone we want to love.

There are too many cases where we make excuses instead of being honest when it comes down to turning people away that have confessed their feelings for us. There are so many times when we drunk dial someone that we don’t even care about and say sappy things such as wanting to hear their voice, or go on dates with people we have no intention of starting a relationship with, break up with someone because we no longer have feelings for them but lie and say because there are problems at home, cannot forget a past lover, or even say that we want to concentrate more on our careers at the moment — these are all lies and excuses that we make thinking they’ll get the message, but usually and in most cases, it’s not enough. Why? Because for the person with the feelings, these are all problems that can be fixed and worth waiting for if feelings are strong enough. So what does that mean? Those actions mean nothing because there is still hope. Those excuses are nothing but something that will only cause them disappoint, sadness, and vexation that will cling to their hearts and leave them wounds but still will keep fighting for your love.

For all these excuses instead of being honest, I call all these situations as false hope. It’s pretty much torturous. And for someone who has so much feelings for just liking you for who you are, no one should deserve that kind of pain. If for whatever reason you can never love them in return and you know it, the least you can do as something favorable for the thanks of having such strong emotions towards you, is leaving them without an ounce of hope to hold on to and turning them away so they can quickly move on and find someone else to love. It may be brutal to them at first, but I can guarantee you, that they’ll thank you for it later.

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