Apologue #37: Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! Gosh, I wish I was in Paris watching these amazing fireworks for real (and golly, do you even see that sparking tower?!) but I’m satisfied for now with gif technology to see that same burst over and over . . .

It’s the new year and everyone is already talking of new resolutions or what they won’t do to improve themselves. To challenge myself over the past years regarding my resolutions, they’ve all pretty much sucked and were epic failures. I did better with setting realistic goals and keeping myself in check than making farfetched resolutions I would never be able to keep.

This year, however, I plan to do things a little bit more differently. I know I can’t do well with resolutions but I know I’m good with setting goals, why not try to fuse the two a little bit to challenge myself? I feel an adventure coming and my fingers are tingling already just thinking about it. Let’s get started!

1. I’m a quirkyalone romantist. Two words that really shouldn’t go hand-in-hand together (I know). I’m too satisfied with myself in my own company to date but I like being romantic, so this year, why not try to be more date-able? I don’t have to per se, find a boyfriend or anything like that, but getting back in the dating field and connecting with people are indeed my perks, so going out more and accepting more dates, or asking more dates sound like a good start for the year.

2. Weight loss is always everyone’s must to-do resolution but we always fail. Why? Because we’re too unrealistic with it. Instead of just saying I’ll lose an “x” amount of pounds, I’m going with not gaining any more weight for the year. If I’m able to shed a few pounds and keep it off, hooray! But no gains whatsoever. This, perhaps, sounds like something I can actually do.

3. Getting to know myself better. I do enough of this already, but it never hurts to know more about yourself. You’ll be surprised about what you say or how you feel in given situations you have never been in. Those are the rare moments you can really reflect yourselves. I occasionally go on dates with myself (I know it sounds silly but it’s quite a liberating experience). Take yourself out and treat yourself to something nice, go out shopping or go to a local cafe with a good book and treat yourself to a whole cheesecake and cappuccino, go see a movie (it’s scary and awkward at first, but it’s quite nice not having to deal with movie chatter friends), etc. Trust me, it raises your confidence levels, it helps you to be comfortable with yourself, and you’ll learn to enjoy solitude. There’s nothing quite like it and I do this whenever I can. There are times I spoil myself too much that people mistake me for a super rich gal even though I’m not, but it feels good how one good solid treatment can uplift your spirits (not to forget that you always deserve more better). So, not only will I date others but I’ll date myself, as well. Writing a daily diary seems a task that may be dragging but after a year, I’m sure the stories will be worth reading for years.

These three sound like a good place to start. It’s real things that I can start on right away without having to falter, and I know exactly where to start. Hopefully in a year, I will be able to see some positive changes and see for myself, how the course of getting to where I am and how I started here has become of influence. It should be interesting to read back on.

Good luck to all your resolutions and goals! I hope you will succeed in them too. Happy New Year!!

2 thoughts on “Apologue #37: Happy New Year!!

    • It sounds easy at first but if you think about it, keeping in check with your weight and trying to maintain it without gaining more isn’t such a simple task once you start noticing what you eat. I think it’s definitely more of a shot at keeping in tabs with yourself than stressing yourself out in trying not to binge out. Best of luck and Happy New Year to you too! 😀

      xx love

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