Apologue #30: Etiquette for Men at Night

I’ve been wanting to post this poster for some time now and actually waiting for the perfect time and tonight seems a perfect night as any other. After just having read the awesome vic briggs’ “Rape” blog post, I am inspired to share this poster that has been making its way around the internet since the past year. It’s a Korean poster (the author is unknown) protesting sexual harassment and violence to women. I found this poster very much to my liking and spreading it in hopes that all men can have the sense and decency in understanding why this is important. The translations are as follows:

Protesting Sexual Harassment and Violence to Women
— Etiquette for Men at Night***

1. Remember that your presence can be threatening to women walking alone at night.

2. If a woman is walking in front of you alone at night, slow down.
You walking quickly or speeding up can be and in most cases, is threatening.

3. If you have been drinking and are drunk, go straight home.

4. Do not pick a fight or aggravate women walking at night.

5. Do not take off your clothes or publicly urinate.

6. Be careful to make sure you do not touch or hit someone, even on accident (whether it be day or night).

7. If, late at night, you come to a situation in which you and a woman have to ride an elevator together, let her go up first and wait for the next elevator.

8. If there’s a woman in a public restroom (there are Korean public restrooms with no gender or sex markings that are open to all people — unisex), wait for her to finish and come out first before using the restroom.

9. Report broken streetlights to the police.

10. Tell other men about these rules and that they have a responsibility to not threaten women that are alone at night.

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