Apologue #27: My Best Friend’s Wedding

As I write this post I want to be able to look back and always remember this moment, this thought, this feeling in my life . . .

Today is the second wedding anniversary of my best friend (my previous apologue was the MOH speech I gave at her wedding). And as I reminisce back to their wedding, I have too many emotions that I don’t want to forget that I feel I must write it all down.

I pretty much cried the whole night at my best friend’s wedding. It wasn’t because I was jealous, envious, or sad that I’m losing her. It was more of happiness, hope, and true love that they shared that got me so overwhelmed and sentimental.

These feelings didn’t hit me at all the night of the rehearsal dinner, or the morning of when we were doing our hair and make-up, not even when we got to the church before the ceremony.

It didn’t even hit me once while I was walking down the aisle to my designated spot (maybe because I had to concentrate on my smiling). It hit me, when the doors of the sanctuary opened wide and she was walking down the aisle to me. THAT was when everything hit me to the pit of my stomach and then it felt like my heart was going to burst because I couldn’t get in enough air. Is this what happens when you hyperventilate? I don’t know what it was but it hit me from my gut to my heart and went straight to my eyes because that’s when the tears just started to flow.

It was ridiculous because I was trying to smile at her. But my stupid tears got in the way and I couldn’t focus on her properly and I wanted nothing more but to remember this moment forever. It was an odd sort of feeling that I can’t describe into words. I’ve seen her in her dress millions of times. I was there with her at the shop, I was there when she tried it on, I was there for her bridal portraits and I was there for every moment and every detail when it came to fulfilling my duties as her Maid of Honor. But all those moments must not have registered in my mind because she’s coming down the aisle with the dress I saw on her with the same hair and make-up and smile and the real deal doesn’t cut close to all those other moments. And I knew the minute we locked eyes, that it hit her too because as she was coming closer and closer, there were tears in her eyes and she was mouthing to me and panicking, “OMIGOSH, help me to stop crying!” I can’t help but laugh at this moment. I just smiled at her and mouthed back that it’s all okay and that she still looks beautiful.

I got teary again once we all got up on the altar and she was exchanging her vows. And got teary once again, when she was finally announced a married lady. These really were tears of joy and happiness and they wouldn’t stop pouring.

But it’s alright, because it wasn’t only me that was getting emotional. I saw both the mothers and fathers of the groom and bride get teary too. As well as sisters and brothers, friends and other family members too. This couple really had much blessings from high above.

Everyone was fine again until we moved to the reception and it was the first dance of the newlyweds and everyone welled up again. Bridesmaids were looking at each other and screaming (mouthing) that we should all stop crying. We just couldn’t help it as they were dancing to their song and the groom was singing the lyrics to the bride as they were dancing and I swear, at that moment, even my own heart skipped a beat.

“Butterfly Kisses” was played for the Father and Daughter dance and it was no surprise the waterworks were spewing everywhere across the room. The father (took it like a man) and showed his own tears in front of his daughter and it was a beautiful moment where everyone watched with bated breath.

Thankfully, when it was the groom’s turn for his dance with his mother, the mood was quickly changed and everyone was delighted and followed suit with rosed spirits and the party became more lively. Everyone had such a splendid time dancing the night away until we were all rushed out the doors to send off the lovely couple in their sparkler runway to hit the road towards their honeymoon. As I was waving my sparkler, the bride turned back and waved her hand and when she found me in the crowd, smiled and said, “I love you” and then was off into the night.

Is it always this emotional at best friend’s weddings? My goodness, I’ve NEVER cried at weddings before and this was definitely the first that I had such unstoppable waterworks. I don’t know if I have the heart to continue for all my other best friends. Sorry, folks!

I feel I need a good couple of years to recover. But in all honestly, it couldn’t have been more perfect and it was indeed, a glorious night. It’s been two years exactly and I still can feel all the moments as if it happened earlier today. Just thinking about it, makes me absolutely teary all over again  . . .

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