Apologue #22: Relationships are Harder Now

“Because conversations became texting, arguments became phone calls, feelings became subliminal messages online, sex became easy, the word “love” gets used out of context, insecurities have become your way of thinking, getting jealous became a habit, trust has been lost, cheating became an accident, leaving became the only option and being hurt became natural.”

I have no idea who said this and I’ve been searching everywhere for someone who quoted this but I’m afraid to say I had no hits. But besides the point that it is dead on, I’m fathomed to admit how our aspects on relationships have become so trivial but deviant, really, by how so much has changed over the course of time.

As I sit here reading and rereading this quote, I feel so drained on how honest and truthful this is. People became more stubborn and arrogant, as well as being indecisive and afraid. I feel that people these days hate confrontation and that’s mostly because they can’t deal with face-to-face conversations anymore. We live in an era of non-verbal abuse and hidden messages.

Technology is to blame when it comes to us becoming too dependent of it and so our environment and surroundings match to it without us knowing. I’ve actually seen couples out in restaurants texting for more than half of the time they spend together but they still work it out and I’m clueless to how that works. Are they texting each other? I have no idea and will never understand.

This reminds me of that one episode from Sex and the City where Burger breaks up with Carrie on a post-it note. Pansy move? Yes. Not good on confrontation? Yes. Ten years ago, that’s unacceptable behavior on breaking up with someone and it still applies to today. Maybe we could have been more understandable if the guy just can’t straight out let it out (back then) but STILL, it’s cowardly. It’s like the equivalency of breaking up with someone via e-mail (and yes, I have seen this happen to friends before and it is not a pretty sight).

But seriously, I feel that insecurities and trust issues have become everyone’s bad nightmare and dirty secret. It’s no shock to hear people talk about their trust issues as if it’s the name of their dog. I, just as much as the next person have baggage, but to me, I hear much more of  me-me-me-and-me and all of how the other person has all the problems when both people have equal amounts of crazy high maintenance.

Too many people are broken and too many break themselves. It’s a pity that the mass believe this to be acceptable and rightful in terms of how it’s the most natural process of any relationship but at the same time, know things are getting harder but aren’t turning away to find something more fulfilling. It’s become too natural to turn away from to really see that sometimes the fantasy can be the sweeter reality but then, it’s out of the box and no one wants to be the single man standing anymore.

So, yes. Relationships. Are. Harder. Now. But it’s only hard if you are following the crowd.

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