Jamin’s Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal

I have seen many flashmobs but this is by far is the cutest and sweetest proposal flashmob I have seen yet! A friend of mine introduced this video to me and I fell in love with how this guy planned out every last detail to get his proposal done perfectly, and with a cherry on top. I love so much about how he even made sure someone was filming her every move and action on camera. Who wouldn’t say yes to such a sweet and thoughtful man? I would be crying too after such an event.

I don’t know what it is about flashmobs. I don’t know if I want one or if I want to be in one, they’re just that awesome. And to top it all off, this one was done in the “Happiest Place on Earth.” It was absolutely fool-proof. Enough of my yammering, enjoy this sweet proposal!

The Dream

I met her as a blossom on a stem
Before she ever breathed, and in that dream
The mind remembers from a deeper sleep:
Eye learned from eye, cold lip from sensual lip.
My dream divided on a point of fire;
Light hardened on the water where we were;
A bird sang low; the moonlight sifted in;
The water rippled; and she rippled on.

She came toward me in the flowing air,
A shape of change, encircled by its fire.
I watched her there, between me and the moon;
The bushes and the stones danced on and on;
I touched her shadow when the light delayed;
I turned my face away, and yet she stayed.
A bird sang from the center of a tree;
She loved the wind because the wind loved me.

Love is not love until love’s vulnerable,
She slowed to sigh, in that long interval.
A small bird flew in circles where she stood;
The deer came down, out of the dappled wood.
All who remember, doubt. Who calls that strange?
I tossed a stone, and listened to its plunge.
She knew the grammar of least motion,
She taught me one virtue, and I live thereby.

She held her body steady in the wind;
Our shadows met, and slowly swung around;
She turned the field into a glittering sea;
I played in flame and water like a boy
And I swayed out beyond the white seafoam;
Like a wet log, I sang within a flame.
In that last while, eternity’s confine,
I came to love, I came into my own.

Theodore Roethke

Apologue #24: Wanderlust

After several days of hard work along with my horrible physical condition, I am yet again, back in bed. I can’t help but plop as soon as I get home from work because of how everything seems to shut down with my body. To start off, I don’t have the flu or any other bug that’s going around, oh no — I got back trouble. Mid to lower back to be exact. Don’t ask how because I don’t have any idea either. But to top it all off, the other day I was making myself porridge for my sickly self and then burned two of my fingers (first degree and swellings). Sad thing is, it wasn’t even the stove top that got me — it was the darn porridge itself as I was carrying it to the table. So, it kind of hurts to type but I’m getting at it slowly so bear with me.

Today, I got a paper cut at work on my other hand which got me upset because those things just hurt and they’re so teeny tiny. Not cool. Then I fell down leaving work because of sharp pains from said back problem and scraped my knee bloody open with also both my ankles scratched up that looks as if the Devil, himself, tried to come up and snatch me. It’s like a massacre.

But on happy thoughts, I was lying in bed for some time whilst daydreaming and got struck with wanderlust. For those who don’t know what wanderlust means, it is essentially a great desire to travel and rove about. Doesn’t that sound amazing? (And yes, we have a word for it!) I need some of that right about now. So I started thinking that I need a vacation and plan on taking some days off during December to have some fun and recharge myself. But where to go?

If it’s the wintertime, I would go to Prague in a heartbeat. It looks so beautiful and romantic covered in snow and dazzling with Christmas lights. It could be my own little Narnia. But on second thought, it would be better if I could go with someone to have a romantic getaway — so Prague is out. If it’s nationwide, I’m actually thinking about hitting up Orlando to spend my holiday over at Hogwarts. It sounds pretty amazing (just remind me to take a limited amount of money so I don’t blow all my loot on Harry Potter goods!)

Maybe I should do the typical American thing and go to NYC and spend a wintery wonderland of ice skating at the park with giant Christmas trees at the Rockefeller Center with crazy shopping sprees down at the District. But I spent a great deal of my childhood in New York so it’s not such a big deal.

I’m inspired to go anywhere but I want to go everywhere. I love to travel and I don’t get to do it often so this would be a great treat for me. So here’s my question, where should I go? Where would you like to go? I may not be able to actually escape into my fantasy but dreaming it is already halfway there.


Considering the harsh reality which is the fact that I’m still quite not myself and ill in bed, here’s a nice animated short film that caught my attention (and you know just how much I adore and am a sucker for cute animated works). The film is titled Red and is a uniquely spun spin-off of the popular childhood fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Moral of the story is nicely woven into this short film that runs only about two minutes or so, so sit back with your inner child and come along for the ride. Enjoy!

Apologue #23: Sick Days

I generally try to keep a “healthy as a horse” physique but today was just an unbearably painful day where I actually had to leave work after just a mere hour and found myself sleeping for half the day in the soft, warm comfort that is not a boyfriend’s arms but my beautiful queen-sized bed. I’ve been having these excruciating lower back pains for the past two days and I’m upset at the fact that I have no idea why I would have these problems in the first place. It’s not like I’m an Olympic figure rink skater or I do heavy lifting to dumbbells, so this is just going to pass as one of those mysteries that happens in the story of my life.

After my three hour slumber of blissful sleep and reading in bed, a small memory crept up on me that I had missed dearly. You see, I’m not the sickly type but I always do manage myself to get into a big mess of a flu every winter. I would always get sick right before winter finals in college and had such rough days pulling all-nighters and managing to score well on my exams. I usually like to be alone but I had a boyfriend in my younger days that would never, and I mean NEVER, leave me alone when I was even the teeniest bit sick.

He an only child with both parents always working so he grew up managing sick days by himself since he could remember, and so, he feels that when one’s sick, you should always have company because no one intentionally wants to be “alone” because that’s when you’re the most miserable and loneliest (plus you may need help getting more tissues).

He was the type that would cook me not chicken noodle soup but porridge from scratch. I don’t know many people that can actually do that; let alone, men. He made a mean cinnamon rice porridge and it was worth getting sick just to have a spoonful of it. After feeding me porridge and making sure I took all my medication, sometimes he would read me Harry Potter (and I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter) as I fall asleep. Other times he used to tell me stories about Roman mythologies. He was quite a storyteller. I read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology twice and so I fairly enjoy hearing anything about them. I don’t know how many times he’s read it but he was able to pretty much reenact the story to life; his versions of these tales were priceless.

So, sitting in bed and reading my book by myself, it made me realize just how right he was. Being alone when you’re sick really is miserable and you crave not attention but good company. It surely isn’t him that I miss but his stories and his effort in trying to make me feel better that I dearly miss and wish I had today.

I guess it’s fair time that I should find my own recipe for cinnamon rice porridge as I get back to my Mythology.

Apologue #22: Relationships are Harder Now

“Because conversations became texting, arguments became phone calls, feelings became subliminal messages online, sex became easy, the word “love” gets used out of context, insecurities have become your way of thinking, getting jealous became a habit, trust has been lost, cheating became an accident, leaving became the only option and being hurt became natural.”

I have no idea who said this and I’ve been searching everywhere for someone who quoted this but I’m afraid to say I had no hits. But besides the point that it is dead on, I’m fathomed to admit how our aspects on relationships have become so trivial but deviant, really, by how so much has changed over the course of time.

As I sit here reading and rereading this quote, I feel so drained on how honest and truthful this is. People became more stubborn and arrogant, as well as being indecisive and afraid. I feel that people these days hate confrontation and that’s mostly because they can’t deal with face-to-face conversations anymore. We live in an era of non-verbal abuse and hidden messages.

Technology is to blame when it comes to us becoming too dependent of it and so our environment and surroundings match to it without us knowing. I’ve actually seen couples out in restaurants texting for more than half of the time they spend together but they still work it out and I’m clueless to how that works. Are they texting each other? I have no idea and will never understand.

This reminds me of that one episode from Sex and the City where Burger breaks up with Carrie on a post-it note. Pansy move? Yes. Not good on confrontation? Yes. Ten years ago, that’s unacceptable behavior on breaking up with someone and it still applies to today. Maybe we could have been more understandable if the guy just can’t straight out let it out (back then) but STILL, it’s cowardly. It’s like the equivalency of breaking up with someone via e-mail (and yes, I have seen this happen to friends before and it is not a pretty sight).

But seriously, I feel that insecurities and trust issues have become everyone’s bad nightmare and dirty secret. It’s no shock to hear people talk about their trust issues as if it’s the name of their dog. I, just as much as the next person have baggage, but to me, I hear much more of  me-me-me-and-me and all of how the other person has all the problems when both people have equal amounts of crazy high maintenance.

Too many people are broken and too many break themselves. It’s a pity that the mass believe this to be acceptable and rightful in terms of how it’s the most natural process of any relationship but at the same time, know things are getting harder but aren’t turning away to find something more fulfilling. It’s become too natural to turn away from to really see that sometimes the fantasy can be the sweeter reality but then, it’s out of the box and no one wants to be the single man standing anymore.

So, yes. Relationships. Are. Harder. Now. But it’s only hard if you are following the crowd.

Apologue #21: Never Look Away

It always amazes me how you can just feel someone looking your way
Even when you’re not looking in their direction and you’re just working, simple like that.
I was working on paperwork and you were cleaning out the icebox
And I was too engrossed in reading what was in front of me that the silence we shared didn’t even unsettle me.
I guess that’s just how comfortable I am around you
But every now and then I can feel you glancing up and looking at me and I ignore it thinking it was the trick of the light.
Because why would you stare? Why would you look?
Because what’s in front of you isn’t anything different
It’s something you see that’s never-changing every time you come by and walk through my door.

But then at the same time I have that little light of hope and start thinking if there’s something there
Wondering what you think about as you catch a glimpse of me.
Is she really reading that paper? How come she never looks up at me?
And then when I think it’s safe to see what you’re doing and I look up and our eyes meet each other
I don’t know what to do but then you’re already smiling so I smile back and cover my face with all the papers.
Panicking if you saw the flush on my cheeks or hyperventilating in hopes that he doesn’t think I was just sitting here
Stealing captures of him with my eyes and not actually doing my work as I told him I was.

Ten minutes, twenty minutes
Thirty minutes seem like hours.
No words are being spoken but the tension is rising
As you know he can feel too how he adores the silence just as much as I do.
Because he understands me without having to deeply know me
By just feeling what I need and want from him because that’s all he wants back too.
But no matter how many times he looks up in hopes of catching me again with my eyes
I keep averting and looking away not because I’m shy.
But scared he’ll catch on and start seeing more than he should see
But it seems he’s already started every time I look away.

Apologue #20: Unusual Date Ideas

I don’t know about you but don’t you just loathe a dinner and a movie for a date night? It may seem the classic date that can’t fail but I’m not too happy about sitting in the dark for two hours with no talking on first dates with a guy I don’t know yet. I want to talk and have fun and get to know the person. I really love watching movies but I feel that movie nights can always pass for anything greater not to mention a bit lazy. So, I happened to run into this post about unusual and fun date ideas and decided to post it too to share. I really liked some of them that I would love to try out the next time I have a date and so, check out the list and see what you think! Maybe you too, will find something on here that seems worth trying for that new spark on date nights.

1. Go on a search for as many good climbing trees as possible.
Climb as high as you both can in all of them and compile photo evidence.

2. Go to a major chain bookstore and leave notes to future readers in copies of your favorite books.

3. Have her dressed up as a ghost and you dress up as PacMan.
Walk around downtown holding hands and whenever anyone sees you two, pretend to be embarrassed,
and run off screaming, “Wocka Wocka Wocka.”

4. Create photo evidence suggesting that you went on an adventure that didn’t really happen.

5. Dress up as superheros and stop at least one petty crime.
Example: jaywalking, littering, etc.

6. Build forts out of furniture and blankets, and wage war with paper airplanes.

7. Try and visit as many people as you can in one night.
And turn as many things in their apartment upside down as you can, without them noticing.

8. Go to the airport.
Get the cheapest, soonest departing flight to anywhere when you show up, and stay there for a weekend.

9. Write a piece of fiction together.
Outside at a cafe; and ask strangers when you get stuck.

10. Dress to the nines, pretend to be married, and test drive very expensive vehicles at an auto dealership.

11. Do the lamest tourist thing in your area that you have both secretly wanted to do forever.
Have an unabashed good time.

12. In the middle of the night, drive to the beach, so you arrive just as the sun is rising.
Have a breakfast picnic, then fall asleep together.
Bring a sun umbrella.

13. Drive somewhere unknown and have dinner in a city you’ve never been to.
With fake names.

14. Go to a minor league baseball game under the stars.
Tell each other stories about how bad you are at athletics.
Randomly cheer for both teams.
Eat lots of Cracker Jacks.

15. Go around the city with sidewalk chalk and draw hearts with equations inside on random things.

16. Walk around the city and perform short silent plays in front of security cameras.

17. With a camera and a pair of boots, make photo-log of a day in the life of the invisible man.

18. Walk around the city all night and find a place to eat breakfast at dawn.

19. Go to a restaurant and convince the cook to create something completely new for you.

20. Rent a movie you’ve never seen before.
Set on mute and improvise dialogue.

Happy Dating! 😀

Brain Divided

I recently found this humorous animated short and have come to love it and laugh at it countless amount of times. It’s like an adult version of a Pixar short and you can’t miss it, it’s just that darn good. As the title announces, it’s “Brain Divided” and literally, how there are two halves of us when it comes to trying to make a great impression on a first date. No time for spoilers, check it out and enjoy!

Love Quote #5: “Stop being Afraid of what Could go Wrong, and Think of what Could go Right.”

This is an advice I often give to friends but is so hard to apply when it comes to myself. It’s all about the risks you’re afraid to take in case something goes terribly wrong; it’s about surrounding yourself with such sturdy walls that no one can break them down; it’s about choosing to be alone but forever tormented in the idea of a lonely “What If?” With this still in mind, it may give courage to some whilst still fear to others.

To me, the beginning of relationships keep me up on my toes. I’m flirty but guarded, not to mention I’m the Queen of “Hard-to-Get.” I enjoy playing dating games and have gotten the downfall on some because my game is too strong to some folk, which have also hurt me in the process because it makes me feel that no one is up for anything I dish out. These are probably some of the reasons as to why I feel afraid of starting anything new with anyone, because of the fear of rejection or being turned away because he no longer wants to be a part of my games. This also applies to going up the next level in a relationship but afraid to know what changes there may be.

There were times, where I sheepishly can admit, that I stopped liking a guy in retrospect of how our kids could turn out. I know it sounds stupid but when he said he didn’t learn how to walk AND talk until he was almost two and admitted he was slow in the beginning surprisingly freaked me out. That was a no-no no matter how you looked at it but he was indeed a good catch that I let slip between my fingers (and these are the consequences to those “fears” that rule over you that immediately take effect after you start regretting them).

I applied this generally towards relationships but this is something that can totally change gears for your lifestyle as well. It’s all about rooting down and going forward in action to what you believe is rightfully yours. If you get rejected after asking someone out? Fine. AT LEAST, you won’t regret it later wondering if things could have gone better down the road. But what if she or he, says yes? That’s awesome. And you deserved the effort into making it happen.

I feel that in most cases, it’s all how you make of it, but it’s usually a win-win (or at least, my perspective in life is). If you ask someone out and they say yes. Win. If you ask them out and they still say no. It’s still a win. It’s a win because you won’t waste time moping for the next six months trying to STILL read their signals and see if you have a shot or not. Isn’t it better to go with your gut at the right time instead of dragging it longer than it should? It’s really not that good for you at all for things to drag and start to bleed all over you. Trust me, it’s not a good feeling cleaning all that up either.

But in retrospect, I feel that I handle myself well in terms of trying to take my own advice in my own affairs. I don’t listen to my own advice often, and I sure do toss my mind aside but it is best to always listen to what your heart has to say.

So, stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and think, of what could go right.