Love Quote #4: “All a Girl Really Wants . . . “

Our leading lady couldn’t have stated it any better than the crystal clear obvious. We’re not asking for the whole world, we’re not asking for the entirety of the male species to change, just ONE to prove apart from the others. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but men these days seem like they’re all reading out of the same dating manual. I’m sure us girls aren’t picture perfect in the eyes of our suitors (and I know many women that just drive me up the wall) so I know we’re not perfect either but I think (and this is entirely me, I’m no speaker for the behalf of my gender) that women have the tendency to lean towards assurance when it comes picking the right person. Sometimes, we just don’t know what’s good for us even though it is smiling and looking right at us. I’m not saying we’re dense, but we tend to lean towards “signs” and some kind of proof that the man in front of us is someone trustworthy and worthwhile.

I believe this tendency derives from our emotional part more-so than our rational part in our persona. Maybe this is why men are intuitive but women are instinctive. Men know right off the bat what they want and what they are looking for (note that I say “men” not “boys”) when it comes to soul-searching but women look out for some kind of universal signpost to give us the get-go before starting a relationship. I feel that we look for signs no matter what choice of man as long as there is someone in front of us. When we find someone that’s probably not good for us at all, we start looking for signs indicating that it’s still okay to date a bad boy and that destiny may still have something great in store for us. We still look for signs even when the man is too good for us thinking that this is too good to be true and that we need some sort of explanation from fate.

I don’t know anything about fate or destiny partly because it’s a young person’s game. I admit that I used to be a strong believer of destiny (and maybe I still try to even now) but my turn of events lead me to believe otherwise but I do still lean towards assurances. I too, like most women, have huge trust issues when it comes to putting faith on our male counterpart. So my faith becomes entrusted through the proof the man can give me when we have a relationship together. This, of course, is never pushed onto the man from me; I guess this is the part where I say I put “fate” up against the game to help me get proof from him from his own accord.

But I will note in saying that I haven’t been in many relationships but I have dated many men, and ALL were very exceptional men. There are instances where the relationship, itself, may have not been good, but the person behind it were all wonderful. I have many wonderful experiences because of the encounters I have had with these men. Although they may all share similar tactics when it comes to wooing a woman, their wits and charm to prove they were different from others were indeed, all personalized and indifferent from each other. Of course, I haven’t met someone yet who has wooed me successfully in showing they were the “One,” but the men out there are trying to prove just that to each woman they believe is worth the cause. With that ease of mind, I still play strong in the dating game.

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