Heartbreak Fairy Tale

Corpse Bride 2 Love

I was a bride
My dreams were taken from me
But now – now I’ve stolen them from someone else
I love you, Victor, but you are not mine . . .

Corpse Bride [Corpse Bride, 2005]

When I watch the Corpse Bride, I can’t help but feel that this is truly a sad and tragic love story. The film portrays a happy ending for Victor and Victoria but to me, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with sadness. This quote that the Corpse Bride says to Victor as she lets him go back to Victoria instead of fighting for her own love for him not only just moved me but got me so upset to tears. How can this be a happy ending? Sure the “living” Victor and Victoria may live a happy marriage together but what about the Corpse Bride? She will forever be wandering in her lonesome self with a body of a corpse living day after day enveloped in sadness because not only did she lose her love when she was living but also when she was dead. I know that she knows what she did was the right thing to do, but Victor not doing anything to stop her (considering how his feelings and thoughts about her DID change) or even make sure if she was okay with this idea hurt me too. Yes, she is not alive . . . and yes, she doesn’t have a beating heart . . . but I sincerely believe that she felt heartbreak just as any of us, from her loss of true love. It’s just as she puts it into song in “Tears to Shed.”

If I touch a burning candle, I can feel no pain
If you cut me with a knife, it’s still the same
And I know her heart is beating, and I know that I am dead
Yet the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it’s not real
And it seems that I still have a tear to shed 

If I touch a burning candle, I can feel no pain
In the ice or in the sun, it’s all the same
Yet I feel my heart is aching, though it doesn’t beat, it’s breaking
And the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it’s not real
I know that I am dead, yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed 

I know that not everyone gets their happily ever after. But that doesn’t also mean that no one doesn’t deserve one. As much as I enjoyed the film, there’s no sadder love story than heartbreak.

3 thoughts on “Heartbreak Fairy Tale

  1. I loved the film, and also your heartfelt commentary. You are quite right. It is heartbreaking when love is taken away from you, whoever you may be, and whatever your circumstances.
    I am revising my novel at the moment, and I too have some painful decisions to make for my main character. Or rather, she will have to make them. A heart will break, either way. In my first draft I killed off one of the characters just because the idea of abandoning them instead was too much to take, but I’m afraid that in my revised version, just as in life, someone will get the girl, and the other will have their heart broken.
    I have already rewritten my final chapter to include the change, so I know who will get the happy ending and who will not, and now… every time I revise another chapter from the middle onwards, I feel their pain, even though in essence it is me who makes it happen.
    There is beauty in sadness. And courage in making tough choices.
    I think this is why this story touched a cord with you. Someone was always going to miss out on love. Unfortunately in this: art replicated life.
    Thank you for your post x

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’m very much interested in finding out more about your new novel (congrats by the way! I know it’s on the progress but it’s still very exciting!). It must drive you bonkers for character development to give the right oomph and emphasis to make the story-line flow the way you want it to. Human emotion can be so raw and pretty much any way you want to make of it but at the same time, you want to give the right touch to reach out to the audience so they too can feel something in their hearts for your characters. Very stressful, I bet but I admire your talent already. Keep me posted! 😀

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