Piano Duet


“Piano Duet” – Corpse Bride & Victor Van Dort [Corpse Bride, 2005]

Dear Future Lover,
You and I need to do this duet together and bang up some musical fun!
I already have the sheet music so all you have to do is come and find me.
That is all and I love you♥

2 thoughts on “Piano Duet

    • I used to be quite the traveling musician wherever the music would lead me but alas have fallen short off that wagon long ago. But I have always wanted to get back on it. It’s a small passion that constantly rekindles in my heart. I wish I was more skilled with my voice but my instruments do the job with my rusty talent. You’re right, I don’t want to restrict my opportunities. You only live once, better make the best of it while you can 🙂

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