Apologue #1: First Kiss

First kisses are always ever so wonderful. Your first kiss ever, your first kiss with your somebody special, your first kiss with someone unexpected… When I think about first kisses I get all soft and woozy with tingling sensations spreading throughout my fingers and eventually my whole body. It’s definitely a happy thought but can be adrenaline pumping for some (like myself, who lack exercise so I get endorphins from daydreaming).

My first kiss ever was definitely unexpected considering it came from my very close, best friend. We’re not exactly cradle to the grave but indeed close to it. People have been calling us twins since we can both remember. We have people expecting us to get married so they can write books about us. It’s a very intriguing and quirky relationship we share that I can’t think of a better place to share it but here.

I remember my friend going back to the age of four years old. We may have been friends even before then but four is definitely where I can remember most through my own memories. I remember how we were constantly together and never apart. Our parents created play dates for us almost every weekend. We played everything from pretending we were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to House. We were never embarrassed to be with one another and we didn’t care if it was just us two or with everyone else whenever we would meet at Sunday School or other play dates.

The quirky thing (and believe me when I say “quirky,” it’s not just one of my favorite vocabulary words) about us is that people would really think we were actual twins in real life. Not only did we share the same last name but we were the same age (my friend being only a month older than myself), exact same height and similar body features (even today twenty years later), similar hobbies and even character (only differentiated by intensity but otherwise exactly identical). Our parents share similar qualities in character and personality as well hence the reason why they are friends and thus we became friends. My friend has a younger sister and a younger brother ten years younger than him whereas I have a younger sister that is ten years younger than myself but with the same name as his sister. None of these were of course, intentional but that’s just how similar we have become to be. The craziest part of our similarities within already crazy similarities is that, I moved away to a different state at the age of five and we grew up in exact likeliness of each other even when we grew up millions of miles apart from each other.

Now, technology back then in the 90’s wasn’t as easy as today. We were in elementary school for goodness sake’s with no form of stable internet connection in our private homes where we could chat or skype one another and telephone rates to call long distance was definitely not any easier. We definitely did not have any form of contact for ten years we were apart until we had our small reunion with our families when we were both in high school, and needless can I say that we were both appalled and shocked to what we discovered.

My friend and I shared similar music tastes, we both learned and performed the exact same instruments (plural!), we both shared the same fears, and we both knew instantaneously that what we have is definitely special and one-of-a-kind that can’t ever be broken. As we were reconnecting over what we missed from each other for over the past decade, I can honestly say that we both knew something has kindled in our hearts. This attraction was too much and too difficult to express to put into mere words. We both struck gold in finding something that we felt missing but didn’t know what…

Moving forward to our first kiss apart from all my silly nostalgic ramblings is that we both shared our first kiss ever with one another. It was indeed more than perfect. Both our parents were out enjoying the night on the town and took all our siblings with them. To this day, I still have yet to find out how our parents were both so trusting or conniving about leaving two teenagers alone in the house for a whole night. It is true that both our fathers want us to wed but starting off at fifteen is a definite risk. I never want to ask for fear of the truth.

Anyhow, being two nerds that we were with interests being nothing but music and reading, we goofed around in the living room and started playing duels on the piano. It was pretty much like Iron Chef America but battling with what we learned on the piano. It was intense and so much fun. This is actually a personal fantasy that I would like to recreate some day. We played for what seemed like hours until we both got so tired and ran out of songs to play that in the end I just started playing the harmony part of Pachelbel’s Canon. I shouldn’t even be surprised anymore by now but my friend started playing the melody and before we knew it –  the music was meshing together in harmonious melody, the sunlight was beaming and bringing the whole room into a warm, pink glow; we were laughing with twinkles in our eyes and it was the perfect time like no other. My friend leaned in close and we shared our first kiss. A soft and delicate kiss whilst our fingers had memorized the keys and were still in tune with playing Pachelbel’s Canon. If we ever do get married, that is definitely our Wedding March. I don’t care if others think it cliche considering everyone and their mother always has Canon at their wedding. To us, it actually has great significance.

After our reunion that lasted about a good week and a half, my family and I went back home. My friend and I had a long distance relationship that lasted only about 7 months until it got cut short and we lost contact again. Our young and busy lives took a toll on us but I’m sure that when we see each other again, we’ll still see the twinkle in each other’s eyes of our youth, our first kiss, our first love.

3 thoughts on “Apologue #1: First Kiss

  1. What a sweet story. Those days of young love and interest are so innocent and somehow remain so vivid in our memories. I’m not sure how they remain so clear in our minds as our busy lives continue…but I’m thankful that they do!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my not so short story! You are too sweet. But you’re right, young love tends to stay beneath our skin for the rest of our lives. It’s like a recurring memory when we listen to a song long forgotten. It never really leaves us even when we believe we had forgotten all about it. And again, you’re right on and I agree of how thankful I am to always remember! :3

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